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Monday, October 10, 2011

Retro Gaming Road Trip

Back in July, some friends of my wife and I were married and the two of us stood in their wedding. On the way there, we came up with a meticulous site-seeing tour that covered Salem Massachusetts, Intercourse (heh heh heh), Pennsylvania, the oldest hamburger joint in the country and other interesting stuff. Beyond the typical site seeing fare however, we also marked some incredible retro gaming locales down in our travel itinerary.

These stores and attractions are so massive that cramming them all into one post would not do them justice. Therefore, over the next few weeks I'll be detailing such exotic retro games paradises as:

Game Zone: Salem Massachusetts
Game Zone
Humble outside,
incredible inside.

This stop was not on my list originally. In fact, I had never heard of this shop until I found myself walking in and seeing piles of old games in mint and near-mint condition. Along with the only boxed Neo Geo AES I've ever seen in person. Sadly, they don't have a website where you can purchase from them directly, but if you find yourself in the area you owe it to yourself to go in and have a look.

Digital Press: Clifton New Jersey
Digital Press Video Games
If it's good enough for James Rolfe...

The infamous homebase of the retro gaming forums and the "North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados" monthly gathering. Not only do they have a working SuperGrafx on display under glass, butJames Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd), has been known to drop in from time to time. 

Fun Spot Arcade: Laconia New Hampshire
Fun Spot Arcade
Think arcades are dead?
Say that to its face!

Gamer or not, Fun Spot is one place you need to go before you die. Not only is it the largest arcade in the world, it's also a functioning retro-arcade museum! They have a working Space Harrier machine that actually throws you around like a rag doll! Why the hell aren't I there now?

I also visited an assload of Goodwill's between here and New Hampshire. While none of these really stand out, I will detail some of the sweet shit I managed to score while there.

Starting at the end of this week I'll talk about my trip to Game Zone with a huge photo gallery and information about the joint. Next I'll go into Digital Press and explain why it's so important to the retro gaming community (if for no other reason than their incredible forums). And finally we'll take a ride through the largest arcade in the world. It's going to be a fun trip through memory lane.


  1. Digital Press looks amazing and yeah as you said truly like a museum!

    A collector paradise !

  2. It really is a cool store. I've actually considered making the trek up to Jersey just to check out the NAVA meetings one of these months.

  3. I remembered ur blog when i got home today from a trip to the flea market.

    First an FZ-1 but ive got no controllers or games for it !

    Second the NEO GEO arcade stick for the AES system.....Weird pick ups huh....well i just had to have them.

    Especially when both cost 10 bucks combined ! obviosly the guy new nothing about much these things are worth ! The guy though the neo geo stich was just a generic PS2 arcade stick !

    I say i remembered ur blog cause of the 3do ad with the octopus and the $600 NEO GEO ! ! !

  4. Ha! That's an incredible find! It sounds like you found just the right kind of person to nab it from as well. In fact... You might have just given me an idea. Would you like to send me a picture of your haul to feature on the site? I think I'm going to start featuring reader's finds as they're submitted. I think that would be an awesome running feature.

  5. Yeah sure !

    That's a great idea !

    Let me know what's required !

  6. Excellent! Nab my email address from my profile (it should be on there), and drop me a line. I'll go into from that point and we'll put a post together!