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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retro Road Trip Part 2: Digital Press

Digital Press StorefrontDigital Press Videogames
387 Piaget Avenue
Clifton, New Jersey

Anyone who's visited the massive retro gaming forums over at has at least heard of their brick and mortar store out in Clifton New Jersey. If you haven't, that's a problem I recommend you remedy ASAP! Digital Press Videogames is not only one of the largest vintage game stores in the country, it's also one of the most well known. Out of all the incredible stops on our road trip, this was by far the one I was most excited about. The store plays host to the North Atlantic Video Games Aficionados (NAVA), which has entitled them to some retro-gaming celebrity visitors such as James Rolphe (The Angry Video Game Nerd), and the late Bill Kunkel (the game doctor). The unique nature of the store also made it the perfect place for Capital One to shoot one of their commercials some time back.

Why all the fuss over just one game store? Sadly, without going there in person you can't truly know, but hopefully the following photos will give you some idea of why I got so excited at least.

The Store
Behold! Your last stop for that thing you couldn't find anywhere else.
Miniature Arcade
The miniature arcade that greets you on your way in is a nice touch.

Pac-Man Jr
I was lucky enough to catch them in the middle of maintenance. These people know what they're doing!

Imagine visiting a museum where you can buy the exhibits straight from their case. That's what this felt like.

Jaguar in-store display
I played on one of these kiosks as a boy. It's more impressive now than it was then.

Virtual Boy in-store display
The first time I played on one of these I couldn't figure out how to turn on the other two color channels...
Then they told me it's supposed to be red. 32 bits, one color.

3DO Advert
An incredible retro 3DO advert. The sheer amount of vintage POP was staggering.

Lords of Thunder POP
This POP is more in my wheelhouse.
Sadly, I only own the Sega CD version of this classic. Muted colors and shit music for me.

Hand Painted Pixel art
The hand-painted pixel art in the gallery at the back of the store is worth a look;
especially if you're looking for that unique addition to your game room that no one else has.
Their bargain bin actually had a better selection than some stores I've been in. *cough Gamestop *cough!
Sorry for the terrible iPhone 3G picture here.
The mini-museum was far more impressive in person.

Yes. That is indeed a SuperGrafx running Ghouls n' Ghosts.
I know, I never thought I'd see one in person either.

Ah yes, the successor to my beloved PC-Engine. One of these days... You will be mine.

Neo Geo MVS Carts
Neo Geo MVS carts! The perfect gift for that bat-shit crazy collector that has everything.
That wraps up my tour through the hallowed halls of the Digital Press store in New Jersey. Very knowledgable staff who were incredibly accommodating to my pregnant wife and I. I was pretty close to buying an Arcade card for my PC-Engine Duo R here, but then the responsibility bug bit me. Ah well, next time!

Check out the world's largest arcade on the next exciting update!